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Back Taxes – Tax Liens

The amoung of back taxes and tax lien situations is increasing at an astounding rate.

The world has not been a good place over the years and many people, just like you and me, are falling upon hard...

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Quick Property Cash Deals, LLC (QPCD) steps in on many probate issues and acts as the homeowner's Miracle Workers Offering Property Relief. Probate usually involves deaths in the family where still l...

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Many times, home owners become overly burdened with their property maintenance and upkeep. When they either can't afford to continue the upkeep on them or just grow tired of all the work involved in p...

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Bankruptcies are usually stressful situations where one doesn't know how they are ever going to get out from under. Bankruptcies affect not only your present financial difficulties but your credit sc...

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Foreclosures, Short Sales and REOs have increased over the years more than ever seen before. But now they have settled down a bit since they first made themselves know years ago.

Our economy has c...

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REOs, short for "Real Estate Owned" properties is another entity that has become very wide-spread throughout our nation. These are properties where owners/sellers have defaulted on their financial ag...

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Short Sales

Short Sales have become a high commodity, especially when it come to the property investment field, a spin-off of the traditional real estate arena.

Short Sales have to do with properties where the...

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